Control 4 - Home theater & music control.

Control 4 - Music Bridge

One-touch movies and music… in every room.

With one simple touch of a button, lights dim, curtains close, TV turns on and a movie cues; your receiver, meanwhile, tunes to the correct input and perfect volume. Control4 eliminates the need for multiple remotes, and makes it easy to bring movies and music to every corner of your house. With multi-room music, parents can enjoy jazz in the living room and the kids can still stream rock in the den.

Audio Distribution

Stream here, listen there—with unprecedented control over your audio, Control4 will change the way you listen to music—forever. Browse through your personal music collection or favorite Internet streaming services. Our intuitive user interface makes it a breeze to play any song you want, at any volume, in any room in the house.

Distribute your favorite music from any audio source, such as: your smartphone, tablet, receiver, music library, Internet radio or streaming service; to built-in ceiling or wall speakers for a killer sound and smooth aesthetic. Your options for listening choices border on the infinite. Control4 power amplifiers deliver high-quality audio to four or eight stereo zones. The Control4 Audio Matrix Switch allows up to 16 different audio sources to simultaneously play in up to 16 different rooms in your home. Even guests can stream music throughout your home.

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