Dedicated Home Cinema and Games Room - East of Leicester

The client contacted us whilst having a new property built in order to have a home cinema installed. The brief was simple, he wanted a good quality sound and audio system, but did not want to have the main speakers, projector or screen on display.

In order to facilitate this we installed the projector in a specialist drop down lift and recessed the screen housing into the ceiling itself, so only the screen need drop out of a small slit cut into the plasterboard when required.

In order to hide the speakers but still maintain excellent sound and direction, in ceiling speakers with angled drivers were chosen to supply the audio whilst still making sure it reached the viewers directly as a normal speaker would. The subwoofer was the only compromise, but in order to minimise it’s impact a matching finish to the source equipment’s cabinet was found.

Control of the equipment was by a Philips Pronto touchscreen remote control, which when utilised and the system switched on or off triggers both the projector and screen to drop or retract as required.

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