Multi-Room Systems

Most families will have a hi-fi in many of the rooms of their house. A main one in the lounge, a small one in the kitchen and bedroom, maybe even a radio in the bathroom. Now what if you could throw all of those away, and have one centrally based system feeding sound and video to all rooms it’s needed (even outdoors for the garden), with speakers out of sight, and just a pad on the wall or wireless remote control to control it all. That is the proposition of Multi-Room AV.

Multi Room 1

By employing a central hub that distributes your music and video to every room, you take away the clutter and lost space of multiple music players. Now add the thought of a unit within that hub that can store all your CDs and DVDs, and allow anyone to listen to any track or film, at any time, in any room. Multi-Room AV can be distributed in many different ways, but the systems detailed in this section give a basic taster of what is achievable.