Multi-Room Audio

In a world where your music can follow you everywhere you go, the opportunity to share that around your home with out the need to constantly wear headphones should be an easy task, and thankfully it can be.

We are able to help advise you towards the ideal, well designed music distributionsystem for your home, that will allow all the members of the family to browse select and enjoy their own music in every room.

That may be via a wireless system such as Sonos or Heos, that can be installed without the need for extensive cabling or additional speakers, and one where you can start with as few rooms as you wish, but then add on more areas as your requirements 
change and adapt.

It may also be a system installed during the building or renovation of your home, and one where the opportunity to hide speakers in the ceiling or walls is possible, whilst also keeping all the equipment out of sight.

Whichever the solution for you, our systems can provide you with the opportunity to truly fall in love with your music collection again, or expand your range whils investigating new artists or genres via the various music streaming services on offer from companies such as Spotify or Napster.