Multi-Room Projects

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  1. Kitchen TV

    Full home automation system with audio & visual distribution – North East of Loughborough

    ■ Full House Control 4

    ■ 12 Audio Zones

    ■ 8 Video Zones

    ■ IP Security Intergration

    ■ Under Floor Heating Intergration

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  2. Living Area Home Cinema

    Multi-Room Audio and Video Distribution System with Home Cinema – Leamington Spa

    ■ Multi-room Audio & Video distribution

    ■ Based around Control4 system

    ■ Home Cinema area

    ■ Wall mounted 'Hidden' speakers with custom artwork

    ■ Middle Atlantic AV rack installed

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  3. Finished Den

    Multi-room Audio and Dedicated Home Cinema - South of Nottingham

    ■ 5 Distributed Audio Zones

    ■ Kef XQ Series Speakers

    ■ Philips Pronto remote control

    ■ Living Control System Installed

    ■ Middle Atlantic Rack Installed

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  4. Wall Mounted Television

    Multi-Room Audio and Video Distribution with Home Cinema - North of Loughborough

    ■ Living Control System Installed

    ■ Home Cinema Room

    ■ Sky HD and Blu-ray distributing over 4 rooms

    ■ Kef Speakers

    ■ Universal Remote Control

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  5. Projector Screen Down

    Multi-Room Audio Distribution System and Home cinema - East of Melton Mowbray

    ■ Audio Distribution System

    ■ Home Cinema Room

    ■ JVC Projector Installed

    ■ Denon Receiver

    ■ Philips Pronto Remote

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  6. Home Cinema

    Multi-Room Audio Distribution System and Home Cinema - West of Melton Mowbray

    ■ Sonos Audio Distribution System

    ■ Recessed Television

    ■ Bespoke Home Cinema System

    ■ Control4 System Installed

    ■ Hidden Equipment Rack

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  7. Projector Screen with GUI

    High Definition Video Distribution and Home Cinema - Melton Mowbray

    ■ High Definition Movie Server

    ■ In-Focus Projector

    ■ Hide away screen - Comes out when needed

    ■ Audio Authority AVAtrix system

    ■ Atlantic Rack

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